Intrace Medical SA develops and commercializes bioluminescent and near infrared fluorescent molecular imaging probes for in vitro and in vivo use.


Discover, develop and commercialize new optical molecular probes for pre-clinical research and clinical use to:

  • visualize complex biological processes and biochemical pathways in living organisms that underlie progression of diseases and disorders facilitating the understanding and translating the acquired knowledge into new drug development.
  • Support clinical translation, widespread use and popularization of new optical and radio labeled probes to aid surgeons spot, localize and precisely remove malignant tissues.
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Intrace Medical conducts and supports innovative research in several key areas aiming to equip doctors with a set of tools for early diagnostics, intraoperative visual assistance and postoperative control in order to improve the outcome for critically ill patients.

The main areas of interest are:

  • Cancer diagnostics
  • Visualisation of bacterial infection
  • Image guided surgery

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Intrace Medical closely works with leading research institutions in Switzerland on the development of new types of molecular probes for cancer image-guided.